this food is your very strong ally

Learn to eat well and healthily, at the base of our health there are important foods. Let’s discover together a diet that is truly allied to our health and well-being. We know that our nutrition is the basis of our health. To be in shape and also to have benefits in our well-being, it is … Read more

Modena. The Masterfit Gym zipper case. “A loss of 107 thousand euros for customers”

The Finance Department reconstructs the investigations in the courtroom: “The association lacked everything, it was an abusive activity” Francesco Dondi May 05, 2022 A former employee, hired with a contract as a sports collaborator, calls it “gym open and run”. He does so as he testifies in the trial which sees two people accused, accused … Read more

“I will tell you about health care from a hospital bed, inedible food and trash necessities”

PORDENONE – Voice is unaltered as he recounts his six days in hospital Sainte Marie Angels. Although the tone suddenly rises when he remembers something unpleasant that “shouldn’t happen in 2022”. Marco Argento is 70 years old, two diplomas (including one in law) and health know this well, especially that of Pordenone, because he has … Read more

The new lever of general medicine: what perspectives?

by Amir Roberti 02 MAG – Dear director,on the occasion of the meeting promoted by the FNOMCEO on the ‘Medical Question’ a survey (alarming in my opinion) was distributed according to which many doctors, even at a young age, would have expressed the desire to leave the profession. Indeed, according to this survey, 25% of … Read more

3 tips that can help prevent the risk

Cancer is the most dreaded disease and if you can prevent it with some tips, that’s a big step forward. Here are 3 things you can do. Cancer Symbol (Unsplash) He cancer it is one of the most common causes of death in our time. Until now, doctors have focused on early detection and rapid … Read more