Chills and cramps could be symptoms of this infection, and certain medications we all use could increase the risk

After two years of nightmares, lived in stress, anxiety and fear, we have learned that the worst never ends. Too often we hear scary health news on TV, and it only raises other concerns.

However, it is enough to put into practice the advice given by doctors. We should not be paranoid and only listen to the opinions of experts. For example, if we experience chills and cramps for several days, we avoid searching the Internet for what they might be causing.

Instead, we ask our trusted doctor. Especially if these symptoms persist for days. In fact, there would be no need to worry if we were to experience chills in the space of a single day. It can also be simply the weakening of the body in the face of the cold. As well as cramps, which could mean the need to have a bowel movement.

These signals are important over time. So if they occur frequently, we must contact the doctor. Also because recently we got the news that some batches of a well-known chocolate brand have been withdrawn due to the presence of a bacterium.

Chills and cramps could be symptoms of salmonellosis, caused by salmonella bacteria. It is not a new infection, but it can cause various ailments. Let’s find out what it is and what the risk factors are.


According to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, salmonellosis is an infection that affects the gastrointestinal system. People affected by the bacteria may experience different symptoms depending on the amount of bacteria present in the tract.

In fact, many people who have ingested contaminated substances in small amounts may not even experience any symptoms. Generally, you can be in the presence of salmonellosis if you have fever, vomiting, diarrhea, chills and abdominal cramps.

Salmonella can be present in some foods, especially when raw. For example, in addition to raw meat, the bacteria could also find refuge in raw eggs and unpasteurized milk. The milk in the contaminated chocolate was probably unpasteurized.

Therefore, some cheeses made with unpasteurized milk may also be contaminated. This is why we must always prefer cooked foods, especially those we have just mentioned. In fact, salmonellosis is very debilitating.

Chills and cramps could be symptoms of this infection, and certain medications we all use could increase the risk

However, certain medications, which we all have at home, can also be responsible for a possible risk. Medications such as antacids and antibiotics would decrease the immune defenses and alter the bacterial flora.

Medicines should only be ingested on medical prescription, or in any case on the recommendation of the doctor. Therefore, we recommend that you always contact him, in all circumstances. Finally, this article is for informational purposes only. Once again, we invite you to hear the opinion of an expert.

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