Double change in the minimum wage. Changes to payments – this is what should go to your account [5.05.2022 r.]

Check the amount after tax changes that you should receive in your account if you earn the minimum wage. The minimum gross salary in Poland is currently 3010 PLN. Next year, the minimum wage could even be adjusted twice.

Since January 1, 2022, the minimum wage for working in Poland is 3010 PLN gross. The minimum hourly rate is 19.70 PLN. After increasing the non-taxable amount to 30,000 PLN under the Polish agreement, the employee receives more than last year. How has this affected salaries?

How much will you earn per year? Here’s how Poles’ take-home pay has been affected by the tax changes.

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  • The calculations we present in the gallery have been made based on the official and updated salary calculator available on government websites. It takes into account the tax changes as part of the “Polish Order” and allows you to check what is the difference in net salary in 2022 compared to the salary before the tax changes.

For our calculations, we have assumed that the employee:
▶ receives the same salary every month
▶ does not work outside the place of residence
▶ he is entitled to an amount reducing the tax due (PIT-2 filed)

Raising the salary to 3010 PLN gross meansthat the employee would get around 2,210 PLN “in hand” under the current rules. However, if we calculate the remuneration taking into account the tax changes under the “Polish Ordinance”, the minimum net salary will amount to more than 2,363.56 PLN.

– Raising the minimum wage for work will have a positive impact on the financial situation of households, increasing the income of workers in need of special protection, especially during a pandemic – she saidMarlena Maląg, Minister for Family and Social Policy

Law and Justice is preparing major new tax changes. One of the most important is the reduction of the IRP from 17 to 12%. If the ruling party approves all the changes, they are due to come into force in July. It turns out that the government in 2023 will increase the minimum wage twice as much! The revelation was announced by Marlena Maląg, Minister of Family and Social Policy.


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