Vulvodynia, introduced a bill to recognize the disease

If in recent years these beliefs have begun to be set aside, it is also thanks to the work of activists, committees and influencers like Soleri who use their notoriety to raise public awareness of the causes which otherwise would not get the attention it deserves. “The vulvodynia and pudendal neuropathy they are far from … Read more

Omicron, what drugs to take for treatment at home

The latest data disclosed by health authorities Regarding the pandemic show quite clearly how the epidemiological table general in Italy improves markedly, especially when compared to the situation of the previous two years. Forgetting the comparison with the spring of 2020 when the whole world held its breath for the new great world enemyeven compared … Read more

Stroke, because it is important to prevent diabetes to avoid the risks

When we think ofbrain bites the mind races to hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, excess pounds, stress. And sometimes we forget that the metabolic alterations linked to Diabetes they can greatly affect the chances of developing an injury characterized by a sudden inability to supply blood and oxygen to an area of ​​the brain. This observation is of … Read more

Health, 41 new general practitioners for the Bergamo region

On Tuesday, May 3, the specific training course in General Medicine for the 2018/2021 triennium for 41 professionals from the Bergamo Educational Center ended with the discussion of the thesis. It is the first group of future primary care doctors who have taken the course with the new organizational structure which considers the 8 Lombard … Read more