Slag. Orzeł Łódź with a new name until the end of the season

From the next meeting, in which Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra will be the rival of the Lodz club, the team led by Michał Widera will start under a new name. The title sponsor will be listed there. Konrad Cinkowski 04 House 2022, 11:42 WP SportoweFakty / Adrian Skorupski. / Pictured: Rohan Tungate Four matches and … Read more

Slag. The Gniezno take-off disaster. They had no argument against Orzeł Łódź! [RELACJA]

This is not how Aforti Start Gniezno fans imagined Easter Sunday. The reds and blacks received a cold shower from Orzeł Łódź. The team from the first Polish capital lost until 35:55 ​​at home. Mateusz Domansky April 17, 2022, 4:20 p.m. WP SportoweFakty / Adrian Skorupski / Pictured: Brady Kurtz Before the game, Aforti Startu … Read more

Widzew Łódź – Niepołomice Forest [RELACJA NA ŻYWO] – Radio Lodź

Widzew Łódź – Niepołomice Forest(end of game)1:0 (0:0) Goals: 1:0 Daniel Villanueva (90th minute + 2′) Yellow cards: Widzew Łódź: D. Kun (21st minute), M. Kreuzriegler (72. minute), P. Lipski (87. minute) coach Janusz Niedźwiedź, K. Danielak (90 minutes +4 ‘); Niepolomice Forest: L. Wroński (10th minute), W. Hajda (53rd minute), S. Kobusiński (61st minute), … Read more