The Pope mocked President Radomiak. ‘Good thing Ferguson didn’t hear’ Football

Dariusz Banasik lost his job exactly on April 25, days after losing 0-1 in the league against Cracovia. The decision of Radomiak authorities caused great controversy and outrage among fans. Everyone realized that the 48-year-old coach was doing well above the state.

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Fans want a monument for Banasik. “Better not to stop in Radom”

The most absurd of the whole situation, however, were the translations of Sławomir Stempniewski. Chairman Radomiak claimed he saw obvious regression in the team. There were also references to … aviation. – In the pilot development process, it is very important that he does not use feedback from the same instructor over and over again. Much better results are achieved when you look at the pilot from different angles, and other people do it – explained Stempniewski in Sports Channel.

Łukasz Gikiewicz in the colors of Omonia Nicosia Łukasz Gikiewicz could play in the exotic national team. “Honor”

Papszun makes fun of Stempniewski’s translations. “Interesting Theory”

Stempniewski’s translations caused a stir in the football community. Surprised by the words of President Radomiak, he was, among others, Marek Papszun, who made fun of him in an interview with the portal. – It’s good that Alex Ferguson didn’t hear it, because he would be offended by Mr Sławek. An interesting theory … – admitted the coach of Raków Częstochowa.

– You know how it is in football. You can put forward various theses and then try to defend them. If Mr. Sławek thinks so, if he says it’s good for the club, then you have to do it, change the coach, as long as these actions are effective. We’ll see what life has in store for us. However, I believe that there was a broader argumentation of these actions – summarizes Papszun.

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Raków Częstochowa won the Polish Cup a few days ago, but they also have a chance for the championship. Three laps from the end of the league matches, Marek Papszun’s team is in the lead. – We are a little close, but still very far. If we fail this year, we will try again next year. I don’t know if the club will have such opportunities and aspirations, but I want to win the championship before retiring – the 47-year-old announced.

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